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Hair Extensions And Wigs - Know The Facts

If you are thinking of getting hair extensions there a few things you will need to understand beforehand so you can protect your own hair and save money!


Human or Synthetic?

It is important to know that the type of hair you add to your own will seriously affect how realistic and attractive your extensions look.  Extensions and weaves come in both synthetic and natural forms and you will want to think carefully about your lifestyle and desired look before choosing a hair type.

Synthetic (plastic) hair has its uses, particularly for braided or twisted styles. However, synthetic hair is not ideal for more free-flowing styles because it will not provide the desired natural look and will be easily detected as fake. Human hair is more suitable for use with free-flowing styles and there are many types of human hair to choose from eg Asian, European, Remy or Virgin / Raw hair to name a few. Your personal preference, hair type, and cost restrictions will determine what type of extensions you choose or your stylist recommends.


Application method

Next, you will need to decide if you want to have your extensions applied in a single strand method, or in wefts.

Individual strand methods involve taking small sections of hair, maybe and applying hair extensions to your own hair.  The hair is attached with heat fusion, adhesive, clamping, or waxes. Most of the individual methods involve coating the natural hair with foreign substances and then applying the extensions.

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These styles last only a few months before they must be removed and re-applied and are not suitable for all hair types. This is a popular method for Caucasian hair textures.

You may choose to have your extensions applied in the form of wefts, weaved onto your hair.   A weft is a grouping of hair that is continuously connected at the top, resembling a curtain, and free flowing at the bottom (you may often hear people refer to wefts as tracks).  Wefts come in two forms: machine- generated and handmade. As you would imagine, those that are handmade are more expensive and more natural-looking than those that are produced via machine.

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Some people opt to leave some hair out and add a few tracks in areas whilst some like to cover all their hair and weave the whole head.



Wigs have grown in popularity over the past few years with many celebrities opting for them and not hiding the fat that they wear them. A wig is a great way to try a new hairstyle and lace front wigs have made it possible to wear a wig and still have the appearance of a natural looking hairline or hair parting.

Before buying a lace front wig it is important to think about the application method. Not all lace front wigs are sold ready to be worn.

To get the natural looking hairline you see online you may need to get the lace front professionally installed. A patch test might be required if you having your lace front glued down and glued lace fronts also have ongoing maintenance costs. You may also need the hairline plucked or the lace dyed to match your skin tone better so do you research before buying new hair.


Whatever method you choose to try out hair extensions, you can be sure to find a stylist in our directory who can help you achieve the look you are going for. Click here to get started.

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