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Products And Treatments For Dark Marks And Blemish

Not everyone is lucky enough to have naturally flawless skin. Some people are left with uneven skin due to acne scars, hormonal changes after puberty, pregnancy or menopause, wounds and sun damage, and there are some people who just naturally have darker knees, elbows and darker skin under the eyes.

Whatever the cause, dark marks and blemishes can drastically change a person’s appearance causing feelings of stress and confusion when they don’t know how to effectively cover them up or safely lighten them so we have listed some treatment options and makeup products that can help you do just that!

Hydroquinone creams and serums – Hydroquinone is “bleaching agent” and it comes as a special ingredient in spot-by-spot creams and serums. Their application is limited only to the dark spots and it works very fast. Its potency is so strong that some countries have limited or even banned it’s use because it is believed to cause cancer when misused. A dermatologist can prescribe it for you in safe doses and monitor you for any adverse side effects.

Retinoid-infused products – Skin products that contain alpha hydroxyl acid and retinoic acid are other great options. When applied, they increase the cell turnover, speed up the exfoliation process and with that support the growth of new and healthy skin. This product is best applied at night followed by a sun protection cream in the day.  

Niacinamide -  Niacinamide  has become very popular recently and is also known as vitamin B3 and nicotinamide. It said to help improve skin tone along with reducing pores and minimising wrinkles.


Laser skin lightening – this a bit more invasive step, that uses concentrated light only to the dark spots and removes the skin layers one by one. This is fact burns the dead and dark skin, leaving space for the new skin to grow healthy and natural.

Microdermabrasion – This procedure must be done by a certified dermatologist. With a special drill-like tool, the dark spots and blemishes can be treated. The top layer of the skin is gently removed so new skin can grow.


So what about Makeup?

For those who are hesitant or unsure in trying any of these options, there is always makeup that can quickly save the day but it is not a permanent solution.

KKW Beauty launched a special body foundation in different shades that has full coverage and is something that you might want to get to cover your imperfections.


Kryolan also has a variety of products that are specially designed for covering skin decolorization. 

Dermablend also focuses on covering the spots on the skin and their body line includes a huge palette of products suitable for almost every skin problem.


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