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How To Make Your Perfume Scent Last Longer

When it comes to getting the most out of your perfume, many of us are missing out due to committing unforgivable fragrance faux-pas, whether it’s through preparation, application or storage. Discover the 10 commandments to perfume perfection here!

1. It is important to have clean and healthy skin prior to spraying or applying perfume. Focus specifically on the parts where you will spray it, for example your pulse points.

2. Moist skin enhances the perfume, why not invest in a body lotion version of your perfume to use as a base? “Layering is key,” says internationally renowned perfumer Claude Dir. “Apply the body lotion first, and then spritz the scent.”

3. If you don’t have a body lotion with the same fragrance as the actual perfume, then try an unscented lotion. Using light anti-perspirants with perfume typically enhances the fragrance and doesn't conceal it.

4. Identify your pulse points (usually the wrists, neck, and behind the ears). Make sure these point are clean and moisturized (ideally with complementary body lotion). After applying the scent on pulse points, spray the perfume into the air and step into it so it gently envelops your entire body. Scent travels upwards, so don’t neglect those pulse points!

5. It’s best to apply perfume before you get dressed so that the clothing does not lap up the fragrance. Also, keep in mind that lighter notes (like florals) disintegrate more quickly than stronger scents like musk, patchouli and sandalwood. Perfume on  the skin becomes warmer and rises with your body temperature.

6. Also remember that scent does expire: typically after three to six months after the bottle is opened, says Lev Glazman, founder of and perfumer for Fresh cosmetics. This is because the alcohol and the aldehydes (the organic compounds) dissipate and actually change the chemical composition and nature of the scent. If you use scent past its expiration date, don’t expect it to last very long on your skin.

7. Fragrances are typically classified according to the strength of their scent (typically based on the concentration of scent oils). “Parfum” or “Perfume” contains the highest concentration of these oils. Then come Eau de parfum, Eau de toilette, Eau de cologne and lastly body sprays and lotions. If you are using “Parfum,” it takes very little layering to make the scent stand out, so layer appropriately. 

8. Storage is everything! Fragrance Direct revealed that leaving your perfume exposed to extreme temperatures or sunlight will break down the chemical bonds, affecting the colour, odour and general appearance."Direct heat is not only bad for the fragrance, but it can warp or melt plastic bottles, and even lower heat over the long term breaks down perfume" said a spokesperson. Windowsills and radiators are the no-go storage zones.

9. Back away from the bathroom-bottles exposed to humidity also break down particles in the perfume. Find a cabinet or dry space which won't be exposed to steam for optimum bottle storage. Keeping the bottle upright in the original box and avoid shaking the bottle excessively.

10. Believe it or not, bottle design could help your perfume go the extra mile. Darker bottles last longer than their clear glass counterparts as it delays their interaction with sunlight and therefore preserve it for longer.

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