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New Year, New Hair?

In the new year, many of us can’t wait to try something different from gym membership to a completely new look with a change of hairstyle.

You might want to go longer, shorter, be curly or go straight but whatever style you choose, it’s important to do a bit of research into the different style options and thier maintenace. Take your time and review all options and it’s always a good idea to bring along some style inspiration when you head to the hairdresser. 

Long hair styles

A strong and popular aesthetic, long hair is a distinctively feminine style. There are so many different options for anyone who wants to make the leap to long, flowing locks, so browse the gallery to find your favourite.


Medium length

Try a medium length style if you want to have the benefits of long hair without quite so much upkeep. These styles look great either worn loose or customised further.



Bold and dramatic, short hair always makes a big style statement. This is an easy-to-maintain option which will appeal to anyone who wants minimal fuss and hassle in their hair-styling.


Wigs & Lacefronts

A temporary and adaptive solution to changing up your hair, wigs come in all different shapes and sizes. Whatever you’re looking for, there’ll be a wig to match your taste in our online gallery. Lacefronts operate much like a wig, but provide a more realistic looking hairline. This is a great option for anyone who wants their hair to look flawless, but also wants a big change.


Braids and twists

Braiding or twisting your hair is both an attractive and practical way of styling your hair, with many different options to try depending on the exact length and texture of your hair.




Cornrows are a another fun choice. There are many diffrent styles of cornrows to suit most face shapes. You will need a good and healthy hairline to wear conrows.



Curls are an ever-popular choice, and can be either a bold statement or a subtle, romantic style, depending on your taste and hair texture. Search the gallery for curly hair styles which will suit you.



Keeping your hair natural is a comparatively easy-care choice, but even when opting for this style you will still want to style and care for your hair, keeping it hydrated and healthy.

Click here to see more hairstyle inspiration.

Looking for a hairdresser? Use our directory to find hairdressers in your area who can help bring your dream hair to life.




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