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We love the intricate henna designs and beautiful patterns that many women across the world use to decorate their skin, but henna is so much more than just a temporary tattoo. 


Henna (Lawsonia Inermis) is a flowering plant that grows in tropical climates like northern Australia, Africa and southern Asia. The flowers that grow on the henna plant are very pretty but the leaves are where the magic happens! The leaves of the Henna plant contain a coloring pigment that is released when crushed, and activated when it comes into contact with air and water.


Traditionally,  henna is used as part of wedding celebrations in many South Asian, Middle Eastern, and North African cultures in an event known as a Mehndi (henna) Night.

At such gatherings, the bride and her family come together on the night before the wedding to bless the bride and celebrate the pending marriage. For some cultures the mehndi night also has spiritual significance too,  with the patterns and application process symbolising and activating protection and blessings.



Today people from many cultural backgrounds adorn their hands and feets with henna for body art and as a temporary tattoo. We would want you to miss out so you can now search for makeup artists and beauticians that provide henna services in our directory. 


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