You can feature your photos in our StylzMag galleries!

You are welcome to submit your photos in our StylzMag galleries. We love pics of your tailored outfits, hairstyles and make up looks! Before sending any images please check the photo submission guidelines below.  



Please do not submit any photos that you do not own the copyright for or do not have consent to share. You can add a watermark / label to your images. This can include your name and social media handle but cannot include full contact information such    as your telephone number, website or email address. Your watermark or ownership label cannot be too large. See samples below.


You can use Iphone apps such as WaterMarkLite and Photomark and android apps such as Salt and PhotoWaterMark to add your information to your images.


Images sizes

Images cannot be any larger than 500kb. We will resize any images that are larger than this. For speedier uploads you can use free websites such as to resize your images.     


Image quality 

Please send images that are clear and have neat backgrounds. Please crop out any unnecessary space and ensure that there is no nudity or offensive symbols or messaging on any clothing or pictures in the background. 

Please note that we will not upload any photos that do not comply with the instructions above.

Please send your images to