Do Makeup Artists Need Insurance?

Do Makeup Artists Need Insurance?

Do Makeup Artists Need Insurance?

The beauty industry is a booming business and there are countless professional makeup artists out there doing a fantastic job.

We book their services with confidence believing they are accredited and insured, but what about the self-taught makeup artist? Many of them have no accreditations or insurance so are they safe to book? 


Let’s face it, a lot of the time when it comes to makeup artists we can't even tell who is or isn't self-taught. Self-taught makeup artists may not have shiny certifications but they can still do an amazing job. Some of them are even better than the professionally trained makeup artists and can be more affordable. However, the lack of training or accreditation may make it hard for them to get insurance which not only puts their customers at risk but also opens them up to hefty legal bills and/or legal action if they are sued. 


Do makeup artists need accreditation? 

If you are thinking of booking a makeup artist, it’s totally up to you whether or not you go with one that's accredited. Accreditation means that they are able to work in ways that are professionally recognised but may not necessarily mean that they can do a great job on your face. Their portfolio will tell you that. However, accreditation demonstrates commitment and dedication to providing exceptional service so when booking an accredited makeup artist you will most likely feel like you are in safe hands.


Do makeup artists need insurance? 

Makeup artists (even freelancers) should have public liability insurance since they are working with members of the public but they can ‘technically’ still trade without it. Insurance protects customers and makeup artists from accidents and thefts and can cover legal action due to disagreement, damage, or injury. Imagine if a makeup artist came to your house and spilled foundation all over your white sofa and rug, or poked you in the eye with tweezers by mistake. Or, imagine if you booked a makeup artist for your wedding and they didn't turn up? We’re pretty sure you would want some form of compensation? For this reason, we personally think that you ask beforehand if a makeup artist has insurance for your own peace of mind. 


Is it safe to book uninsured or non-accredited makeup artists? 

We cannot legally advise on whether or not it is safe to book an uninsured or non-accredited makeup artist. One thing to note is that it can be hard for makeup artists to get insurance without accreditation, so your favourite non accredited makeup artist is most likely uninsured too.


If you do choose to book an uninsured makeup artist, try to ask for receipt and written confirmation of the booking terms and services paid for since it may come in handy should you ever need to take legal action.


If you are a makeup artist without insurance or accreditations there are organisations that offer online courses to help you turn your makeup artistry into a professional business and apply for insurance. 


Need to book a makeup artist?

In the StylzMag directory, we have a mixture of accredited and non-accredited makeup artists that you can contact and book today.