Get Into Kawaii Nails!

Get Into Kawaii Nails!

Get Into Kawaii Nails!

It's a new year, and as we all know, trends come and go. One trend we are excited to see again is the Kawaii nail trend which has resurfaced with a bang! The Kawaii nail trend showcases fun designs that are great for anyone who wants to spice up their nail game with a bold and cute look!


What does Kawaii mean? 

Inspired by a cultural aesthetic in Japan, ‘Kawaii’ literally translates to ‘cute’ in Japanese, and the entire aesthetic revolves around fun colours and small cartoon-like doodles. Just as you’d expect from a style that literally means cute, the visuals and motifs are fun and soft. 


When it comes to nails, in particular, the Kawaii trend refers to the use of bright colours such as pink and bubble-gum blue to create interesting and eye-catching designs. From simple manicures to extravagant decadent designs, the trend covers a broad range of styles. 


A key element to the trend is 3D charms and accessories on the nails which help the styles stand out. Check out some super cute examples below! 


Long nails aren’t for everyone, so this set is perfect for anyone who wants to show their soft side without the hassle of claws. 


On the other hand, you may choose this route which is much less subtle but still elegant. The colourful gems make this set stand out. 


While the Kawaii trend usually features pink hues, you shouldn’t feel limited by this. The gold in this design shows just how graceful a set of Kawaii nails can look. 


During the autumn and winter months, you may want something a little more low-key, and these warm brown hues are perfect, and they still complement the cute characters. 


Your nails can still be Kawaii bold, even if you only have one embellishment. This cute teddy addition suits the pink hues throughout the design and ties the look together. 


Another option is to incorporate the sparkle into the nails themselves, and this clever design features sequins within the nail builder gel. 


Soft styles might suit your aesthetic better, and if so, these nails are perfect for you, as the pastel pink is dainty, and the gems are a cute finishing touch. 


Another more wearable set for day-to-day activities is this French tip idea, turning the ring finger into Hello Kitty.