Hair & Beauty Appointments After Lockdown

Hair & Beauty Appointments After Lockdown

Hair & Beauty Appointments After Lockdown

To reduce the spread of Covid-19, all non-essential businesses and services including hair and beauty were forced to close. The good news is that these restrictions are now being lifted. As the world slowly attempts to regain some form of normality, we wanted to give you sneak peak into what you can expect when you attend or attempt to book hair and beauty services for the foreseeable future.


It may be harder to secure last minute and / or walk in appointments

Many hairstylists and beauticians already have waiting lists. In addition to clearing this back log of loyal customers first, social distancing measures on site may mean that appointments may need to be spaced out more – resulting in less appointment slots per day.  Previously, hairstylists and nails techs were able to see to multiple customers at a time washing one’s hair whilst the other was under the dryer for example, however, hairstylist and beauticians will no longer be able to jump between clients due to new hygiene measures.  


Cash may no longer be accepted

Have your contactless payment card at the ready or be prepared to pay in advance. Cash is known to harbour all sorts of germs so cash transfers from person to person are to be avoided and have already been restricted by some businesses.  


No more beauty shop therapy or gossip

Gone are the days when you arrive early for your appointment and stay a little later afterwards so that you can catch up on all the gossip. You will now need to be in and out promptly to reduce over-crowding and maintain social distancing.

There might also be dividers between you and your nail tech and talking may be discouraged.


PPE during your appointment

We sure hope you haven’t grown tired of seeing face masks just yet because they are going to be around for a while. We expect that you and your hairstylist / beautician will be required to wear one during appointments. Aprons and gloves might also be required for pedicures and manicures.

These aprons aren’t just for their safety, they are also for your safety and protection too so don’t be afraid to ask them to change it if it’s been used whilst attending to someone else.


Don’t be afraid to speak up

These are just some of changes that may be the new normal for some time. Not all hair and beauty service providers will adhere to these guidelines so it’s important that you protect yourself too. Never be afraid to ask them to wash or sanitise their hands in your presence. Ensure you both wear masks, and maintain a healthy distance from other people in the salon.

For home appointments please try to bring your own PPE and change your clothes when you get home.


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