How To Keep Your Natural Afro Hair Hydrated During Summer

How To Keep Your Natural Afro Hair Hydrated During Summer

How To Keep Your Natural Afro Hair Hydrated During Summer

Natural afro hair is gorgeous but maintaining it can be a lot of work! Particularly during periods of extreme weather like summer or winter, you might need to make some adjustments to your routine to ensure that your curls stay hydrated. After all, moisturised hair is happy hair!  


Over the past few years, many women with afro hair textures gave up chemical treatments and embraced their natural hair. Many attribute this to lockdown in 2020. Natural hair products 2020. During lockdown, many people opted to embrace their natural hair for a variety of different reasons including freedom from corporate constraints and social pressures, or simply due to the closure of hair salons. Either way, you might now be hoping to keep the momentum up but the truth is, natural hair can be very high maintenance. 


Keep reading for some tips on how you can make sure your hair retains moisture this summer!


Stay away from heat
Heat dries your hair and it’s already hot enough outside!  It’s best not to make matters worse by blowing it out or applying additional heat. Also, due to the summer humidity, it often doesn’t even make sense going to the trouble, as your hair will start to frizz in no time.

Go light on products
In the summer your scalp sweats a lot more, so using heavy products might result in your hair looking weighed down which will cause you to wash more which might lead to drying out. A vicious cycle! Avoid all of this by keeping the products in your hair to a minimum.

Water, water water!
Drink it, cool off with it, and also keep adding it to your hair! The answer to keeping your hair hydrated is to keep adding water and then sealing with an oil. Opt for water-based moisturizers and look for humectant ingredients like honey and aloe vera to keep your hair moist.


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