How To Stop Your Makeup Smudging Under Your Mask

How To Stop Your Makeup Smudging Under Your Mask

How To Stop Your Makeup Smudging Under Your Mask

With all the uncertainty surrounding Covid19, one thing that looks set to be around for the near future is the wearing of masks and all of the pet peeves that come with wearing masks and makeup. 


For some of you who are still working from home, make up is probably the last thing on your mind. But others, who have public facing roles may still want to put their best face forward. Or, at least the parts that are visible. 

And since we can go out again (for now) many may still want to look their best for when they arrive at their destination and can remove their mask or at least showcase their wonderful eye makeup.


Whatever the circumstances, those who wear makeup with a mask may have come to accept that transference onto masks and smudging is a regular thing that has become part of our somewhat new normal. 


Here are some top tips to help you reduce transference and make your makeup last all day when wearing a mask.


Use a good quality primer that is compatible with your skin type – A good quality primer will prepare your skin and make sure your makeup goes on smoothly.


Keep the right balance of the moisturiser and foundation – If your moisturiser is rich, get a light foundation and vice versa to avoid dryness and irritability or excessive shine. Try to use a sponge or brush instead of your fingers to avoid adding excess oil or dirt from your fingers. 


Take your time – If you want your makeup to be long-lasting you can’t rush the application.  


Use a powder to set liquid products – A layer of translucent powder will make sure the makeup stays in place and always use a long-wear setting spray. 


Focus on your eyes – Since your lips are unlikely to be making much of an appearance, you can compensate for that by focusing on eye makeup. There are already several “mask makeup tutorials” out there to binge-watch. You can carry your lippy with you and apply it when you reach your destination and can take off your mask. 


Layer it! Lastly, don’t go overboard with your makeup. Applying lots of layers isn’t going to last long. Keep it light, it’s quality over quantity.


Touch up more frequently – Carry blotting sheets and face powder to touch up as necessary if you are likely to be removing your mask frequently across the day. 

Another thing to note is that your favourite printed face mask might be a major part of your makeup up transference and smudging issues. 


Looser fitting surgical style masks have a metal strip that helps to mould a mask to your face shape whilst providing good protection without needlessly rubbing against the face.  


We hope you found these tips helpful. Stay safe and tag us in your mask selfies.