Introducing New Beauty Brand Karamel London

Introducing New Beauty Brand Karamel London

Introducing New Beauty Brand Karamel London

StylzMag has plenty in store for our marketplace, and we’re coming hot with the gems. We’ve grown and are now including independent sellers that are making great headway in the beautyspace.

One stellar brand we’re excited to partner with is Karamel London.


About the brand
At Karamel London, the mission isn’t complicated, and their goals are easy to understand. The purpose of their products is to “develop and enhance each person’s individuality and beauty”.

The primary focus of Karamel Beauty is to deliver products for women of colour, which has long been something the beauty industry lacked. At the same time, they’ve also created some gorgeous, vibrantly coloured eyeshadow palettes that highlight the founder, Lady Wesa’s, bubbly and electric personality.



What three words best describe Wesa?
Hard-working, friendly and connected to the world around me.


What inspired you to start your own makeup line?
The lack of suitable colours, especially foundations for us (people of colour) in the market, but also a passion that I had as a young girl. During the lockdown peroid (Covid-19 outbreak) I was able to work on it. It took me 7 months to start Karamel London.


What makes Karamel London products unique?
All our products are unique. I choose them myself with advice from Amy, my MUA. We have amazing foundations and pressed powders for WOC. Our lip glosses and lipsticks are also superb. The skincare collection is also amazing!


What is your favourite product from your range?
I love makeup but my skin comes first, so my favourites are my skin-care set, and our Beauty Bar. Then of course, the foundations (I keep repeating myself but I'm really proud of them).


What has been the most challenging part of your entrepreneurial journey so far?
The most challenging part is creating brand awareness. I have emailed several magazines and people but only a handful respond to me. This will not stop me – I shall continue to knock on the door until someone notices what we are doing here.


At StylzMag we love to celebrate cultural diversity. What is your cultural heritage?
I'm Angolan / Portuguese and this is where my inspiration for the colours of my eyeshadow palettes comes from – the bright colours of Angola.



What can we expect from Karamel London in the future?
Our aim is to be recognised as the go-to brand in the UK for WOC. I also plan to go to Africa, starting in Angola.



If you’re excited to get your hands on some of the incredible products this brand has to offer, you’re in luck!

You can purchase the collection now on the StylzMag marketplace