Introducing The New And Improved StylzMag!

Introducing The New And Improved StylzMag!

Introducing The New And Improved StylzMag!

StylzMag is back! In addition to a facelift, we have enhanced the platform and made it even better.

Read on to hear more about our new features and some of the changes we’ve implemented.


New services and expanded service categories

Our easy-to-navigate platform has always featured a directory of diversified service providers from tailors who can create cultural attire, to hairdressers, and diverse makeup artists. Now, you can also find barbers and dermatologists who offer a range of top-notch dermatology services for all skin tones. 


Book your appointments on StylzMag

Find a service provider you like? Now you can book appointments directly through the StylzMag platform. Our new appointment search tool allows you to see what service providers have appointments on your selected date. 


Even more service preferences

We have added even more service information to directory profiles so you have the ability to check whether a service is home-based, mobile, insured or accredited before getting in touch or booking your appointment. 


Shop on the StylzMag Marketplace

The addition of the new StylzMag Marketplace means you can shop safely and securely on the platform while supporting independent sellers. With unique gift ideas and retail offerings ranging from bespoke press on nails, to a lehenga choli, the talented small businesses who make up our Marketplace sellers are ready and waiting to fulfill your orders.



"I am so excited about StylzMag's new features, and hope you are too! I am proud to support and showcase diverse service providers and hope you will take advantage of the amazing array of offerings on the new website and help spread the word."


Candy-Ellie Graham- StylzMag Founder 


Join us!

We want our StylzMag directory to be as diverse as our website users, so people of all cultures can find tailoring, hair, and beauty products and services that cater to their specific needs. No matter where you’re located, StylzMag can help to get your business noticed by individuals in your area. If you’re ready to take the next step in promoting your services, click here for more information about listing your services.