Meet The Man Behind The SliderCuts Brand

Meet The Man Behind The SliderCuts Brand

Meet The Man Behind The SliderCuts Brand

The StylzMag directory is growing and now includes culturally diverse barbering service providers. We are honoured to have SliderCuts studios on the directory as our first barbering salon and caught up with the man behind the brand Mark Maciver.


Mark Maciver is a multi-award-winning barber with over 20 years of experience in craft, education and world-class service. His razor-sharp skills make him an expert figure in his field, and his vast knowledge and business acumen have made him a trusted figure within the wider community. 


Mark’s passion, drive and diligence have allowed him to not only build a successful business but to become a role model to many.


How did you get into hair barbering as a business?

When I was in my early teens I started cutting hair for people around me. I never planned to be a barber. I was more interested in performing arts. I went to Sylvia Young performing arts school but then decided I didn't actually have much passion for that either. 

I ended up working full time in a barbershop and pursuing other things in my spare time. Over the years I studied to become a personal trainer and did a social work course too. 

By the time I reached my mid 20’s, I realised that I really enjoyed barbering and I put my all into it. 


What do you enjoy the most about being a business owner and celebrity barber?

There are a few things I enjoy the most about it. One would be the craft of it. I enjoy the skill of cutting hair, transforming someone's hair and changing people's images for the better. Another thing about being a barber is the connections you build up and the connections you get with people the people you get to meet. 

I've also travelled to quite a few countries, which I don't think I would have gone to if it wasn't for the clipper. For example, I probably would have never visited Lithuania. My work has also taken me to California. 

Being a business owner, I love the fact that I'm able to provide jobs and help people to pay their bills, excel at what they want to do in life, buy a house, go on holidays, buy cars, get married and pay for the wedding. 

If your barbering career ended tomorrow what do you think you'd start doing?

I would go into teaching, and I would probably try my luck at doing things like comedy sketches. 

Even though I stopped acting many years ago, I still use my acting knowledge in my career now. I have come to find that everything I ‘quote, unquote’ dropped as a teenager, I still use now like in my Instagram sketches for example.


What is an average working day like for you?

I tend to have very early morning starts. I am up for work from 4 am. Sometimes I will have clients as early as 5 am then I would go get home around 7 pm to put my children to bed. I love being home to put my children to bed and have done so since they were born unless there was another business event that I have had to attend. 


Do you ever feel like you are exhausted or do you feel like you had the work-life balance sorted?

I feel like I have a work-life balance sorted. On Saturdays, I try to finish work early so that I can take my children out. I moved all my afternoon appointments from Saturday to Friday. So I worked late on Friday and then I don't work on Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays. I feel like I've got the balance but because I'm always doing something I just don't have a lot of sleep. 


Can you tell us your biggest lessons learnt during lockdown? 

One of the benefits that came from lockdown was that it helped me appreciate my family more. Before lockdown, I would have never have been able to spend that much time with my children and that's why I ended up taking the extra day off when I came back. I now have a lot more time to spend with my children. 

You have a book called ‘Shaping up culture’. What is your book about?

I would describe it as a business guide but you have to understand what I mean by business. If you run a charity, that is a business, and if you are putting stuff out there, and you want a certain return from it, it can be described as a business.

My book is a collection of inspirational and practical how-to guides for anyone who wants to excel in what they are doing. It is based on my own work and experiences and I really wanted to share these things so I can help others from a similar background learn how to run a successful business.

The book sounds great. What would you say in regards to business has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?

There are too many, to have just one memorable moment. When I won a Black Business Award, it was a memorable moment because it's a big award. I felt extra proud because it wasn't a hairdressing or barbering award. So that was a big moment. 

I think writing a book is another one. There's no particular moment, but just the whole idea of writing a book, because I never ever thought I would or could write a book, and I think opening up my shop is another one, which is more than a moment.


Is there anything that not many people know about you?

I'm such an open book to some degree but I think people assume I enjoy getting up early in the morning but I don't. I really don't enjoy waking up early but I do it because I have to.


If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only bring 3 products for your personal upkeep, what would they be? 

One thing which I couldn't do without is shampoo and it's a certain type of shampoo. Because the right shampoo allows you to maybe not have to use certain greases and certain oils. 

The next thing would be clippers. I'll have to take a portable one and once it runs out, it runs out. Or maybe some type of solar-powered clipper and a toothbrush.


What's on the horizon for you that you can share?

The first shipment of my book sold out. So they did a reprint and I wrote two new chapters for the book to include even useful information. The new book is now out and is available on amazon, my website and at the barbershop. 

I'll also be on the panel for UK Black Business Week and there are a lot more brand collaborations and interviews coming up. 


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