Short Cut and Colour Inspiration For Afro hair

Short Cut and Colour Inspiration For Afro hair

Short Cut and Colour Inspiration For Afro hair

If you are thinking about cutting your hair these style ideas are sure to give you some inspiration.

However, before you go for the big chop, here a few things to think about. 


Not all hairstyles suit all face shapes

If you’ve seen a short style that you love and want the same look for yourself, try to think about the similarities and differences between yourself and the muses face structure and hair texture. The exact same cut and colour might not be best suited for your features.


Try out a short wig first to avoid lots of tears

If you are in two minds about cutting your hair, try out a short wig first and see how you feel about wearing your hair short. 


Avoid chemicals if your hair is already very damaged 

Naturally thick afro hair often needs to be chemically straightened for certain pixie cuts. If you want a cut with some colour, your hair may need to be bleached before a new colour is added. If your hair is already damaged, these extra chemical processes can make it worse.


Maintenance matters 

Short hairstyles are not as carefree as you may think and may involve more trips to the salon and more time styling daily for optimum maintenance. You may have to think about spending more time and money each month to maintain it.


So with all that in mind, check out the amazing style inspo below.














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