Spotlight: Nayha!

Spotlight: Nayha!

Spotlight: Nayha!

For this edition of our spotlight interview series, we caught up with the beautiful and multi-talented TV and Radio host Nayha! 

Some of you may have already seen Nayha on our social channels as the official host of the inaugural Cultural Style Week launch event. She is also the host of the Official Asian Chart show on the BBC Asian Network and presents the Sky Arts show ‘Unmuted’ and ‘Desi Beat’ on Colors TV (Sky). We caught up with talented beauty fresh from Glastonbury to talk about fashion, culture and so much more!  


Nayha we have to start this interview with a question about your gorgeous hair! How long is it when straight, and is it naturally curly or wavy?

You may as well call me Rapunzel! When my hair is straight it goes past my bum! My hair is naturally wavy but has changed over the years. It now blows drys pretty thick/frizzy and straight.




We have been loving your blonde highlights over the past few months, what other shades have you dyed your hair in the past?

Oh wow, great question! I remember when I was 16, I did my hair RED when dip dyes were in and I got sent home from school. Well worth it though.

I have always loved an ashy blonde shade but with Asian hair and with our skin tone, blonde can look a little brassy. For me, a toner is so important to get that Ashy blonde look. I have been obsessed with balayage for years and I think I still will be for while!



Tell us your top three hair products that you use to help maintain your gorgeous locs?

Silver Shampoo is a MUSTTTTTTTTTTT! It's my fave and I have been using it for a good few years. With OSMO you get a huge bottle and it lasts.

Hair-protecting spray is probably what keeps my hair healthy from damage. I always curl and blow dry my hair which uses a lot of heat! so I use the COCONUT Revlon hair-protecting spray.

Last but not least, I love hair spray! That is what keeps my hair Wavy/Curly for the week. I spray each curl and it lasts! I use Silvikrin hairspray for maximum hold.


How often do you go to the salon and who is your favourite or your go-to hairdresser?

It is not just about the salon, it is the actual hairdresser. Her name is Sally and she is a similar age to me! She is daring with the bleach, and takes her time. She is Tony and Guy Trained but is at my local hairdressers, it is called HALO! They are based in Burnham and I love them! The whole team are fab!



What is your cultural heritage and are there any traditional hair and beauty tips that have been passed down to you?

I am British Pakistani. I have grown up with thick Frizzy hair but I would say using oil, and massaging it into your scalp is helpful!


Share your favourites - no overthinking, please say the first thing that comes to mind.

• Favourite colour? JADE GREEN

• Favourite/dream holiday destination? IBIZAAAAAAAAAA...thats what I want right now.. otherwise KENYA - SAFARI!

• Favourite perfume? IDOL - LANCOME

• Favourite food? ITALIAN - I LOVE CHEESE!!!

• Favourite drink? Cosmopolitan cocktail 🙂


If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take five hair and beauty items, what would they be?

I have just come back from Glastonbury, so I am equipped to answer this! My Mac Consealer

Lancome Face Cream

Hair Ties (because where will I plug my Curlers in?)

Red Lipstick if I wanted to feel like myself and be sassy!

Lancome Hynose Drama Mascara!


We loved having you host the Cultural Style Week launch event. What's on the horizon for you and how can people find out more about what you are up to?

This was one of the most amazing events I hosted, to learn so much about different cultures and styles was truly amazing. There is nothing I love more than Fashion!

I will be hosting Cheshire Fashion week in November, and more Fashion and Music events! You can catch me on the BBC ASIAN NETWORK every Friday as I host The Official Asian Music Chart a 3pm! You can also catch me on television, sometimes on SKY ONE, SKY ARTS & Colors TV - follow me on all socials, @NAYHAoficial


Thank you StyzMag for letting me be a part of your AMAZING Cultural Stye Week event and roll on 2023! ❤️